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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cabo San Lucas "Heaven and high-end holiday destination"

Cabo San Lucas (popularly known as just 'Los Cabos' - along with San José del Cabo - in Mexico and 'Cabo' in the United States) is a city at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula at the municipality of Los Cabos in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. As of the 2005 census, the population was 56,811 people. It is the largest community in Los Cabos municipality, and the second-largest in Baja California Sur, after La Paz.

Cabo San Lucas is quickly becoming a high-end holiday destination with a number of resorts and timeshare clubs appearing along the coast between San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

The bay of Cabo San Lucas, at the southernmost tip of Baja, was once a base for pirate ships waiting to pounce on Spanish treasure ships. Even fifteen years ago, it was little more than a fishing and canning village occasionally visited by adventurous sports fishermen with the means to sail in or fly down, but it quickly earned a reputation for the marlin that could be caught here, and the once-quiet place found itself inundated with fishermen in search of El Marlin Azul, home to sleek, radar-equipped fishing yachts.

In recent years, it has rapidly become the focal point of Los Cabos: million-dollar condos have sprung up, palms have been transplanted, golf courses have been laid, water has been piped in from San José and everywhere is kept pristine. More like an enclave of the US than part of Mexico, preserving almost nothing that is not geared to tourism, it can be fun for a day or two, unless, of course, you want to fish or dive. Though prices are higher than in neighbouring San José, there's more of a party atmosphere, with a younger crowd. Currently there are some 3000 rooms for rent, and the local feeling is that 10,000 is the next feasible "goal" that would equate the town with the long-established resorts such as Mazatlán or Acapulco. Upcoming developments include an enormous mall that will comprise a convention centre, a theatre complex, a bowling alley, a huge parking outlet and condos, and there are even plans for an artificial island to sit in the bay, complete with restaurants and bars.

Land's End

At the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula, lies one of Cabo's most famous landmarks. This area is comprised of a large cluster of rock formations that were carved into fantastic shapes by wind and sea. During low tide, many visitors like to walk here along Playa del Amante (Lover's Beach) because it allows for a better view of an eroded passageway called the Arch of Poseidon. You can also observe Los Frailes, two rock islets that are frequented by sea lions.

Playa Solmar

This long, relatively secluded beach is on the Pacific Ocean side of Land's End . Access is limited to those willing to try the strenuous climb over the rocks from Playa del Amante (Lover's Beach), or to guests of the three peninsula resorts, the Hotel Finisterra , Terra Sol Beach Resort and Solmar Suites . The beach, however, is federal property and its use is open to anyone. Always less busy than the main Cabo beach, Medano Beach , it is only for sunning because of the extremely strong undercurrent.

Playa del Amante

Frequently pictured in brochures of Cabo, this is the beach next to the famous rock arch formation, Arch of Poseidon, at Land's End . Water taxis wait for your signal to deliver you to this famous beach. Just a rock wall (and a matter of yards) from the Pacific Ocean, this area is sheltered from the pounding waves. Named for its romantic and semi-remote area, it's rarely unpopulated enough to feel particularly romantic. Snorkelers tend to prefer the viewing at the eastern end of the beach.

Ex Hacienda La Gavia

This delightful store displays the work of artisans from across Mexico. Both American and Spanish influences may be seen in the fine quality furniture. Whether you seek a fine dinette set, a one-of-a-kind wet bar, charming bedroom sets, chests, cutting boards or other kitchen pieces, this is an excellent place to look. Several different kinds of wood are offered in a variety of finishes. In addition, it offers a multitude of fabric items including draperies, linens, pillows and bedding. Speak with the bilingual owners about special orders, if you wish to have a piece designed.

Amigos del Mar

If you have never been scuba diving or snorkeling, you might consider this day trip that takes you out into the Sea of Cortez aboard a private charter. The staff can train and certify you in the use of scuba equipment, so you can get an underwater view of indigenous flora and fauna (such as sea turtles, playful dolphins and brightly colored tropical fish). But, if you would rather focus on the above water view, simply sit back and relax in a deck recliner with a beer in hand. All boats are fully equipped for both day and evening cruises.

Pisces 20

You have the choice to arrange a private fishing charter or private yacht charter. This fishing charter has received the Conservation Award from the International Game Fish Association for its catch and release policies. The staff knows these waters well, and they can provide excellent charter service or private yacht cruises. Imagine sailing around the bay of Cabo on an 86-foot yacht! It also offers a wide range of activities and rentals from Medano Beach

Faro Viejo

Not much more than a base remains of this lighthouse, built in 1890, but the view is spectacular from 500 feet above the water. In addition to the lighthouse it also has the remains of a shipwreck below. Turtles use this beach to lay their eggs. To get there, go north of town on Highway 19; at Km 2, take a left turn on the dirt road that leads to Cabo Falso.

Playa el Medano

More than a swimming beach, this is where parasailers depart, sunbathers bask, water taxis head to Playa del Amante (Lover's Beach) and jet skis are rented. Access to the beach is either through the properties of the many hotels that line this public beach or by walking south from downtown, along the water's edge. A favorite beach for many tourists who choose to lounge around in umbrella-covered beach chairs. Visitors brave the swarm of trinket sellers to enjoy the beachside cantinas.

Chileno Beach

Just west of the Hotel Cabo San Lucas , this beach offers protected swimming, snorkeling and diving areas. Clear water and a natural coral reef make this a great place to enjoy underwater views. The beach is typically not too crowded, and it has an onsite rental shop in case you decide to snorkel at the last minute. Owned by Cabo Acuadeportes , it has a small shack here with rental equipment, umbrellas, beach blankets and a few other essential beach items. To get there, turn right just before the hotel.

Playa Santa Maria

Come early for this prime snorkeling location. Playa Santa Maria is well-known as one of the best beaches near Cabo for underwater wildlife. Its curved north wall shelters a reef where tropical fish live and eat. Most of the tour operators offering snorkeling tours will be bringing tourists to this beach around 10a. Beat the crowds (and the blanket and jewelry sellers) and have the beach to yourself by arriving earlier.

Los Cabos Horse Back Ride Tour

The rare mixture of golden beaches and desert make the perfect blend to form a unique experience to last a lifetime. An expert guide will take you to a place that is unique and found only in Baja. Expert's riders as well beginners are welcome to join us in this adventure.

Here is an unhurried nature tour designed for those who enjoy soft adventure with a high degree of service. Unusual and diverse natural beauty rise above rugged rock canyons to tranquil vistas of the Sea of Cortez, let the sea breeze bring a smile to your face.

Explore the surroundings on a Los Cabos Horseback riding adventure, a unique and memorable time, immersed in a fabulous mix of gorgeous scenery, turquoise waters of Sea of Cortez and desert plants that are not found in other parts of the peninsula, if you never horseback ride before - Great ! You'll find that our guides are entertaining and very skilled at patiently explaining exactly what you need to know. This tour is for those who want fun, great opportunity for memorable photos.

Baja Desert Expedition - Visit Cabo's Waterfalls and Canyons

Hike the canyons of sierra La Laguna traversed by Indians hundreds of years ago where increased rainfall creates a unique biosphere. Swim in these natural springs and waterfalls surrounded by incredible granite formations and impressive wild life.

Baja California is a unique place in natural wonders. It has around 70% of the cacti's in Mexico and Mexico has 80% of the existing cacti's of the world. Exotic vegetation with great desert canyons carpeted with giant cactus. In the middle of the desert, you can find oasis, like palm trees and rivers across the desert that goes all the way to the seas, since Baja is surrounded by two seas, the Sea of Cortez in the east side is well known for its crystal clear waters and desert island with amazing rock formations and white sandy beaches. Accompanied by a professional bilingual guide, this trip will enrich your knowledge and understanding of the natural history and culture of our beautiful surrounding desert and sea. Journey to the past as you learn wonderful history of Baja in locals Ranchos and explore the fossils around. The tour will start by meeting you at the main lobby of your hotel, then will head to Santiago town to visit the La Zorra Canyon - natural spring water, after this we will visit the fossils and a local ranch, where you will see native people a delicious lunch is included as well water and energetic bar•s along the trip.

Inclusions: round trip transportation, fresh fruit, energy bars, local bakery in the morning, bilingual expert guide, all necessary equipment, lunch at local restaurant (drinks included, sodas, waters and juices), purified bottled water

Majestic Whale Watching Adventure

VISITING THE WORLD FAMOUS WHALE SANCTUARY MAGDALENA BAY WATCH them, FEEL them and TOUCH them, a unique experience for a lifetime! Traveling thousands and thousands of miles from Alaska, The Gray Whales arrive to Magdalena Bay, located a few hours north of Los Cabos.
Gray Line Los Cabos takes you there to have a chance at a closer encounter with these wonderful creatures. So don•t miss this exceptional opportunity to see the marvelous Gray Whales! A fascinating once in a lifetime experience!
After their 6000-mile journey from the Chukchi and Bering Seas between Alaska and Siberia, these majestic giants arrive to the warm waters of Baja California Each year hundreds of these very beautiful whales journey to our bay to mate and then give birth to their calves.
Our knowledgeable captains, crew and office staff strive to make your whale watching experience as fun, safe and interesting, they take care of you, making sure you have a wonderful time and that•s priceless.
After the pick up at the lobby of your hotel we drive to Magdalena Bay or Puerto San Carlos ( 5 hours drive approx.) once we arrive at the Bay the Pangas ( 24• or 26• boat ) are ready to take us for 3 hours ride to watch the Whales, after the ride we go to a local restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch, we rest for a while and then is time to come back to your hotel.

Cabo San Lucas Pez Gato

  • The Snorkel Tour sails to beautiful Santa Maria Bay, where you will swim in tropical waters with abundant sea life.
    Includes all snorkel gear, beverages and a gourmet lunch of club sandwiches, fruit, guacamole, chips and Mexican salsa is served on the return voyage. The boat departs at 10:00am and returns at 2:00pm. $49 a person (children under 12 are half price)
  • The Sunset Cruise departs at 5:00pm and returns 2 hours later. You will tour by Playa de Amore, The Famous Arch, The Sea Lion Colony, Land’s End and into the Pacific for a gorgeous Cabo sunset. $39.00 a person (children under 12 are half).
  • Whale Watching (begins December 15th, 2008). There are two departures daily (10am and another at 2:00pm), sailing into the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez in search of Baja’s gentle giants. Includes sodas, juices, bottled water and chips & salsa. $35 per person (children under 12 are half price).

Pez Gato's Tropicat is Cabo’s newest and most luxurious 65' sailboat. “The Jazz and Wine Tour”, features fine wines, international bar and appetizers. Boards at 4:30pm (winter) and 5:30pm (summer), 7 days a week. The price is $50 a person.

The Cabo Mar sailboat hosts the "Salsa, Salsa & Sunset Dinner Cruise." Motor by Lover's Beach, the Famous Arch, and Land's End and then tour the coast of Cabo San Lucas. Return to the bay to anchor up for an "all you can eat" taco and Salsa bar with steak and chicken tacos served with various salsas from the different regions of Mexico. Grilled vegetables and a jicama salad will also accompany the dinner. The bar will serve tropical fruit cocktails along with an international selection of beer, wine and liquors, as well as mixers, sodas, and bottled water. You can dance to Latin rhythms of salsa, meringue, and cumbias. The boat departs at 5:00pm and returns 2 1/2 hours later. The price is $59usd per person (children under 12 are half price), available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Cabo San Lucas Cabo Dolphins

Is the first and only dolphin center in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Owned and operated by Cabo Adventures the state of the art facility is home to a family of ten bottlenosed dolphins that are professionally trained and ready to show off for all.The company offers many different levels of programs to cater to any person of any age. Check out their website for more info.

Their prices ranges from $79 (for kids) up to $399 (Trainer for a Day)

El Squid Roe Nightclub

No.1 place to visit while in Cabo, some of the regulars that love El Squid Roe are,Bono (U2), Lil John, Beyonce, Lance Armstrong, Enrique Iglesias, Criss Angel, Jay Z, Michael Jordan and many More, Come in, Relax early night while having Chips and fresh salsa made right at your table, While the hours go by, the Energy starts pumping harder and harder, dance on top of the chairs or tables, walk around the 4 Levels of entertainment, see and be Seen, a definite MUST!

Cabo Pulmo Cabo Pulmo Marine Preserve

Water entry is gradual. The coral begins about 20 feet from dry sand and lies in parallel strips running north to south out about 1/2 mile. Depth runs from 15 feet to about 40 feet. Visability is a good 70 feet. If you know Pacific coral reefs you will find this reef a little different. These coral are round heads clinging to large rocks. The large fans, sponge and tree like corals of the Pacific are not here. Between the rocks are thousands of cracks and open spaces where you can search for ocean life. The fish are mostly coral feeders but Eel and other species abound. There were feeder stations where you could see literally hundreds of fish sharing a single space. Each specie keeping with its kind but still belonging the the whole. Sharks are plentiful outside the reef in deeper water as are Rays and larger Ocean Bass.

If you are staying in Cabo or San Jose you have a good two hour drive over two lane highway. About seven miles from Pulmo you are rewarded with a dirt/sand road that specializes in washboard surface. There are Arroyos along the way so when it rains in the mountains you can face a rushing torrent of water,sand and rock. The resorts are resort in name only. There isn't any shopping, grocery stores or pharmacies. Accomadations are small Casitas (huts). A few have A/C but most are open. Food and drink are available but the menue is pretty basic. As you find in rural Mexico you run a good chance of getting Aztec 's revenge so pack Lomotil or Imodium. Dive equipment seemed in good quality and in repair. Dive masters are a mixture of American and Mexican folk. There isn't a night life unless you consider going to bed by 9pm. Restrooms are availble but are basic. Be careful - you may have to share one with beautiful 5' orange and yellow snake. If you have $$ you can take a van tour from Cabo for $170. Or rent a car, no buses.

Note, there is an alternate and shorter road from San Jose, but it could be a three hour excursion over sand, ruts and washboard to reach Pulmo. There are small towns north and south of Pulmo with questionable accomodations. Tent camping is allowed.

Cabo Pulmo is a fantastic place but it's for those adventursome folks who are willing to give up the comforts of living in the US. Don't take small children, people with low frustration tolerence or those who want the Cabo San Lucas beach enviornment of parties, shopping and lots of folks.

Los Cabos ATV Adventure

If you seek adventure in the beautiful nature that surrounds Los Cabos, this ATV ride is the tour for you! This ATV adventure will take you off the beaten track to explore secluded beaches, ride over sand dunes and challenge yourself to difficult terrain! Finally an adventurous vacation you have been looking for!

ATV 4 wheel bike tours are the most talked about adventures that Los Cabos has to offer. They can go just about anywhere and offer a ton of fun! You'll be exploring sand dunes and wild secret trails where the spectacular views will leave you in awe.

You'll find large open spaces and feel as free as a bird while driving your ATV. The guide will provide you with information concerning vehicle safety. In the event that you don't know how to drive these four wheel vehicles, there will be special lessons for beginners!

Los Cabos Sunset Dinner Cruise

Experience paradise at its best! What better way to unwind after a day in paradise than to sail the Pacific under the magnificent sunset skies! Then, spoil yourself at the Mexican buffet and open bar! This cruise is a great way to finish an already fantastic day in Los Cabos!

When the sun begins the set, the people of Los Cabos stop to take in the beautiful colors and tranquility of the sunset! For an even more spectacular sunset, witness the beauty whilst cruising the seas on a 60 foot (18 meter) vessel. Complete paradise!

Watch from an open-air upper deck as the sun disappears into the Pacific Ocean, leaving a breathtakingly colorful sunset! Get a closer look at the famous arch, the sea lion colony and the rock formations as you sail under the fading skies!

Afterwards, go inside the air-conditioned, 60 foot (18 meter) vessel and enjoy an all you can eat Mexican buffet with open bar.

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