Strait Street maybe the street with the most history in Valletta because of the 'colourful scenes' untill it's recent past up to 30 years ago.

It was the place were duels took place in the days of the knights and bar fights during the British rule when members from the various services used to pick up fights against each other. The street was full of bars with live music and girls for hire.

All servicemen stationed in Malta have fond memories of `The Gut` as it was then known. However, it really came to life thanks to the sailors whose ships were berthed in the Grand Harbour. After weeks at sea, as soon as they were allowed on shore they would head to Strait Street. It`s true there used to be bar fights , also fights along the route back to their ships which were patrolled by MPs but the fights weren`t vicious like todays and seemed to form part of the fun. Nowadays, the bars are closed up but names still remain.;

Today the story is quite different with another type of bars opening for business.

If you need to stop for a snack while visiting this street try the cafe' and snack-bar, 'il Bordello' - a very appropriate name that brings back to mind the history of the street - which located on the corner with St. John's Street. The food served is of a very high quality and reasonably priced. When visiting Valletta do not miss out on this place.