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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rebun and Rishiri Islands "cone-shaped extinct volcanic peak Islands"

Rebun Island

Rebun Island is alongish island, about 10 km north of Rishiri Island and 50 km off the northern tip of Hokkaido. Together with Rishiri Island, Rebun belongs to the Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park.
Rebun Island is most famous for its rich flora, which features many alpine flowers, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on the world. The flowers are in bloom from around June to August, the best time to visit Rebun. Not many tourists come to the island during the long and harsh winters.
The alpine flora, the beautiful natural scenery of Rebun and views of nearby Rishiri can be enjoyed from a network of pleasant walking and hiking trails.

Cape Sukoton (Sukoton Misaki)

Cape Sukoton is the northernmost point of Rebun Island. Besides the fine views and a souvenir shop, there is not much to be found. Cape Sukoton is a terminal point of the beautiful 4-hour and 8-hour hiking courses.
Cape Gorota (Gorota Misaki)

Cape Gorota is a beautiful cape in the northern part of the island. A scenic walking trail, part of the 4-hour and 8-hour hiking courses, connects Cape Sukoton via Cape Gorota with Gorota Beach.
Gorota Beach (Gorotahama)

Gorota Beach is a sand beach on the western coast of Rebun, popular among wind surfers. It offers beautiful views of nearby Cape Gorota. The 4-hour and 8-hour hiking courses pass along the beach.

Rebun Usuyukiso Area

This is an area with a relatively high number of Rebun Usuyukiso, the Rebun version of the Edelweiss. The Rebun Usuyukiso is one of several protected, very rare kinds of alpine flowers found on Rebun Island.

Motochi Motochi

Motochi Motochi is the name of the island's southwestern region, which is characterized by a scenic, steep coastline. A small village with ryokan and distinctively shaped rocks resembling a cat's head and a Jizo statue, can be found along the coast.


Momoiwa ("Peach Rock") is a roundish hill in the Motochi region. Alpine flowers in combination with views of nearby Rishiri Island can be enjoyed from the Momoiwa observation deck and the hiking course that leads along the ridge of the hills to Shiretoko.
Rishiri Island

Rishiri Island isa remote, small island about 20 kilometers off the northern tip of Hokkaido, with a circumference of about 60 kilometers and Mount Rishiri, a dormant volcano, at its center.
Together with neighboring Rebun Island, Rishiri belongs to the Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park. Many of the island's 6000 inhabitants are making a living from tourism and fishing.
Rishiri Island offers various hiking and walking opportunities. The climb to the top of Mount Rishiri takes a full day and is quite challenging. There is also a cycling road along the island's northern coast.
A visit to Rishiri Island is most attractive during the summer months (June to August), when the island's alpine flora is in bloom. Not many tourists visit the island during the long and harsh winters.

Mount Rishiri

Mount Rishiri, commonly referred to as Rishiri-Fuji, is a 1721 meter tall dormant volcano in the center of Rishiri. Cars can proceed as far as the 3rd Station on the Oshidomari side and as far as the 5th Station on the Kutsugata side.

Pon Yama (Mount Pon)
Mount Pon (444 meters above sea level) is a small peak at the side of Mount Rishiri. Its summit can be reached in a pleasant 30-45 minute walk from Mount Rishiri's 3rd Station or in about 60-90 minutes from Hime Pond.
Mount Rishiri 5th Station From the Kutsugata side of Mount Rishiri, cars can proceed as far as the 5th Station. An observation deck with nice views can be reached in a short walk from the 5th Station's parking area.

Cape Peshi

Cape Peshi is located just next to the port of Oshidomari, Rishiri's largest town. There is a walking trail up to the top (5-10 minutes), from where nice views of Oshidomari and Mount Rishiri can be enjoyed.

Rishirifuji Onsen

Onsen is a hot spring with indoor and outdoor baths. It is located at the southern end of the town of Oshidomari. Admission costs 400 Yen.

Hime Pond
Hime Pond (Himenuma) is a man made pond at the foot of Mount Rishiri. The views of the mountain reflecting in the pond are well advertised.

Cycling Road
A road for exclusive use by bicycles follows the northern coast of Rishiri from Hime Pond to Kutsugata for about 20 kilometers. Bicycles are provided by many of the island's accommodations and some rental shops.

Otatomari Pond

Otatomari Pond is a beautiful pond in the south of the island. The view of the pond with Mount Rishiri as backdrop is splendid.

Fishing Villages
Small fishing villages can be found along the whole coast of Rishiri Island. Rishiri is particularly famous for its sea urchins (uni) and konbu seaweed.

Ferry service to Rebun, Wakkanai, and Otaru
Air link to Wakkanai
A bus runs the circuit route around the island.
Rishiri Airport is located in Rishirifuji.

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